Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 9, 2014 What Do You Do If There Is No Image of A Player In A Certain Uniform ??

You make one up !!

Keith from NYC wanted some cards of players who there is no known images of in certain uniforms so I made them up using Photoshop...some look better than others

Don Larsen
was signed as a free agent by the Chicago Cubs before the 1967 season

Billy Loes
was briefly a NY Met before the 1962 season

Rod Kanehl
spent six years in the Yankees farm system before making the Mets in 1962. I had to use a St Petersburg background instead of leaving it as the Polo Grounds.

John Herrnstein
was traded to the Atlanta Braves in 1966

Vida Blue
was sold to the Yankees in 1976 but the transaction was voided and then was traded to the Reds but that trade too was voided

Gary Roggenburk
was traded to the Seattle Pilots in the middle of the 1969 the first version in the 1969 Spring Training uniform would have to be redone, hence the second version.

Shaun Fitzmaurice

Dick Drago

Les Rohr

Georges Maranda

Ron Jackson

Leo Marantette

 Ken Hunt

 Ed Sadowski

Larry Himes


  1. Excellent, excellent work! And look at all the Mets.

    You took Kanehl out of the Polo Grounds and deposited him down in St. Petersburg. Amazin'

    Would you mind if I shared these via my blog and used a few pics to make Mets cards?

  2. Nice work! FWIW, Billy Loes was never a Met. They purchased him from the Giants in October 1961 but he said he'd rather retire than play for the Mets and refused to report. He said some very funny (if sardonically stinging) things about the Mets. They returned him to the Giants rather than lose the cash. But he never donned a Mets uni. Not even in jest. Johnny Antonelli DID retire rather than play for the Mets. And then there was Lee Walls, whom the Mets picked up in the expansion draft but traded before the spring. There are lots of players who were Mets on paper, but never donned the uni. I think you'd have to call them Almost Almost Mets.

  3. Your cards are great. Btw, Dick Drago was a pitcher, not a catcher.

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  5. I love the cards. You have a great handle on Photoshop. It's definitely an art and not a science. My question is where do all your photographic images come from? What's the source? (didn't have notify me checked in the original comment)