Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012 Another Big Return Day

Got another 8 returns today.....

Howie Bedell

Howie played for the 1962 Braves and the 1968 Phillies. In 1968 with the Phillies, Howie hit a sac fly that broke Drysdale’s string of 58 consecutive scoreless innings.  He also had a 43 game hitting streak in the American Association in 1962 which is the league record. Howie added his own 2 cards with the return.

George Culver

George Culver threw a no-hitter against the Phillies in 1968 as a player with the Cincinnati Reds. He also played with the Indians, Cardinals, Astros, Dodgers and Phillies.

Larry Gowell 

Larry pitched in 2 games for the 1972 Yankees. In his last start, in the last game of the 1972 season against the Brewers, Larry hit a double thus becoming the last American League pitcher to get a hit in a regular season game before the Designated Hitter went into effect the next year.


 Jackie Warner

Mr Warner played with the 1966 California Angels

Tom Bradley

Tom played in the majors from 1969-1975 with the Angels, White Sox and Giants. He had 3 good years (1971-73) when he won 43 games in those 3 seasons.

Bob Montgomery

Bob was the back up catcher, to Carlton Fisk, for the Red Sox throughout the 1970s.

Pat Cristelli

Pat Cristelli never pitched in the major leagues but he was a 1974 Second Round draft pick for the California Angels. He pitched well in the Angels farm system (averaging 11 wins a year) until 1978

Doug Clemens

Doug played from 1960-1968 with the Cardinals, Phillies and Cubs

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