Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 18, 2012 Five Back Today

Got back five returns from the 10 letters I sent out last Saturday. I also mailed about 30 letters today so next week should be fun.

Roger Repoz

Roger was an outfielder who came up with the Yankees and later played for the Athletics and Angels. In the 1966 Yankees cards, Roger looks a little like a young Mickey Mantle. Roger also requested copies of the cards.

Jack Smith

Mr Smith played with the 1962-63 Dodgers and the 1964 Braves.

Ron Brand

Ron was a catcher with the Pirates, Astros and Expos from 1963-1971. He also asked for copies of the cards.

Amado Samuel

Amado Samuel was a Dominican infielder who played for the Braves and Mets from 1962-1964.

Lee Tate

Lee mostly played in minor leagues mostly with the Phillies, NY Giants and Milwaukee Braves organizations but did make the major leagues with the Cardinals in 1958-1959.

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