Thursday, February 6, 2014

February 6, 2014 Felix Mantilla vis signing

I got these back today from Mark Grunske and Wauekesha Sports via their public signing on Feb 1st. The price was more than reasonable and would recommend them to others,

I've been getting into making 1956 Topps as it is one of my favorite sets and I'm getting a little better making backs though I still can't get the fronts and backs to align correctly.

I did this card (which is actually post card size) a while back and first sent it to Hector Torres who took almost a year to sign and return. Got the Mantilla and now off to Puerto Rico and Juan Pizarro.

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  1. Your card backs look great Bobw.
    And your card fronts are always awesome. You find the rarest pictures of players, as far as I know ( I'm a Met card/photo collector). Your concept of making them and getting them signed is novel. Totally enjoy your blog. :)