Friday, October 10, 2014

October 10, 2014 More "Friends of Ray Peters"

In another installment of the "Friends of Ray Peters", we have a former Seattle Pilot, a former Brewer and Astro and a minor league teammate of Nolan Ryan.

Dick Bates
was a teammate of Ray Peters in Jacksonville and Portland in 1970. Mr Bates pitched in one game for the Seattle Pilots in April 1969 and gave up six base runners in under 2 innings. He was originally signed by the Kansas City Athletics in 1964 and pitched in the Washington Senators organization from 1964 to 1968 when he was selected by the Seattle Pilots in the 1968 Expansion Draft.

Wilbur Howard
was Mr Peters' teammate with the 1969 Clinton Co-Pilots and 1970 Portland Beavers. He was drafed in the 19th Round by the Seattle Pilots in 1969 Baseball Draft. He spent 1973 with the Brewers but spent the rest of his career with the Houston Astros. According to Mr Peters..."Hasn't change a lick. Exactly the same guy from 45 years.  Goin' fishin' every day.  Doesn't use the computer."

John Glass
and Mr Peters both pitched in Jacksonville in 1970 but were never teammates as Ray was gone by the time Mr Glass joined the team  He was originally signed by the New York Mets in 1966 and was a teammate of Nolan Ryans' in 1967 at Winter Haven in A ball. Mr Glass was selected by the Montreal Expos from the Mets in the Expansion Draft.

According to Ray, Mr Glass....

"Sold sporting goods and now is a fishing guide.  He used to bring it at 97+.  However, he had more than a few even stronger arms ahead of him with the Mets!?  Got buried in AAA.  Then rotator cuff surgery ended his career.  He did room with Nolan.  He said Yogi emphasized having control and throwing low and away except for him and Ryan.  He told those two: I don't know how you two skinny kids from Texas can do it, but just keep firing those BB's!  


  1. Bob, I would like to contact you but my email will not work with yours. Do you have any other way I may be able to contact you? Thanks!

  2. Hi. I saw your custom card blog and have a couple of questions.

    I have been working on a project of creating custom cards using the a TOPPS 1970 template of the all-time Seattle Mariners roster. My goal is to create a card for every player who has played in at least one game for the mariners plus managers, #1 draft picks, current prospects and memorable coaches. I currently have about 580 cards created. I want to use pictures where they are wearing a Mariners uniform and in some cases have settled for a picture where they are wearing a iniform from a Mariners minor league affiliate.

    I saw that you have created cards for Wes Stock and have pics of him wearing both a Pilots and Mariners cap. I was wondering if there was any chance you would be willing to share these photos with me? I am willing to share any and all of the cards I have made if you are interested. My template uses 425x570 size photos, and I can adjust as long as they aren't so small that they distort when I enlarge them.

    I have started to post my cards on pinterest.

    I would welcome any comments you have on these cards. They are just for my personal collection. I am not trying to sell them or make any money off of them.

    Along with Wes Stock I am also looking for a color photo of manager/coach Marty Martinez wearing a mariners uniform as well as players John Rabb, Vance Lovelace, Frankie Rodriguez and Jared Wells.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.


    Ed Varner