Monday, February 7, 2011

7 Returns Today

Got back 7 returns today

Jerry Kenney
I grew up with the early 1970s Yankees and Jerry and Horace Clarke were my favorites.
The Columbus Yankees photo was a B&W photo I colored.

Bill Voss Angels OF

I thought I had a few more Voss images but can't find them.

Wayne Causey 1960s Infielder

Rollie Sheldon
1960s pitcher with the Yankees and Athletics, had a tryout with the 1969 Seattle Pilots.

Fred Stanley
1970s infielder mostly as Bucky Dent's backup with the Yankees. Gotta love that yellow Padres uniform.

Darrell Osteen
1960s Reds pitcher never had a card to call his own, always shared his Rookie Stars cards with someone else. Asked me for a set of cards.

Cotton Nash
Played for ther Twins and Red Sox, was more famous for playing basketball at Kentucky.

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  1. BOB I LOVE your blogs!! they are so interesting to read. the cards are outstanding. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK