Saturday, February 5, 2011

TTM returns

Tito Francona
Sent 01/15/2011    Received 01/21/2011
I never realized Tito played for the Brewers.

Gus Gil
Sent 01/15/2011    Received 01/21/2011
Mr Gil signed these very quickly and also requested a set

 Don Money
Sent 01/15/2011    Received 01/22/2011
The 2 Phillies are actually black and white photos that I colorized.

 Rocky Bridges
Love the chaw of tobacco in his cheek in every picture. He didn't sign a 1961 Cardinals custom.
Dick Nen

One of the few players with a palindrome for a name. At the moment, the only other one I can think off is Toby Harrah.

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  1. Another palindrome - former Pirates and Indians pitcher Dave Otto. Love your work!