Saturday, February 5, 2011

Art Quirk
Signed 3 customs in ball point and sent me an SASE for a set of the cards.
Bill Melton
One of my favorites from the 1970s, I have about 50 photos of Bill I could make cards of. He requested copies of the 1969 White Sox  and 1976 Angels cards.

Dennis Ribant
He got traded to the Pirates in 1970 but never made the team, so I made a card. Did not realize he pitched until 1973 in the minors.
Rod Gaspar
A 1969 Met, the 1968 photo was a B&W that I colored. He also requested a set.
Dooley Womack
Pretty cool name. The Pilots card was made by Photoshopping a Pilots hat and then cloning a Pilots jersey. In 1970 Dooley went to spring training with the Reds but didn't make the team, got sold to the A's and pitched only 2 games. The Reds and A's photos were originally B&W. Dooley requested 2 sets of cards for each of his sons.

Hal Stowe
Hal pitched 1 inning in 1 game for the Yankees in 1960.  He pitched for the Richmond Virginians the next three years. 3 of the photos were B&W and colorized.

Ted Wieand
Ted is mostly known as a Red because of his 1960 Topps Rookie Stars card but he finished his career in the Yankees organization. All the photos used were originally B&W.

Jim Woods
Mr Woods like the cards and was surprised to see a photo of him with the Reds and the Dallas- Ft Worth Rangers. All were origianlly B&W photos. Requested a set.

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  1. Dennis Ribant pitched for the Pirates in 1967 and went 9-8 with a 4.08 ERA.