Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15, 2013 Ray Peters 1956 style Portland Beavers Card

 I made this card for former Brewers pitcher Ray Peters after he sent me a photo of him hitting a grand slam homer for the Portland Beavers in 1970. I was on a 1956 Topps style kick so it seemed natural to make one. For the head shot I took a Seattle Pilots photo and changed it into a Portland Beavers image. I colored the hat and cloned a Pirates "P" on the front but smoothed it out. I then cleaned up the photo and colorized it using Photoshop. Usually I don't make backs but for this card, I took a shot and found the absolutely perfect back......a 1956 Ted Williams card. All the cartoons were perfect, in the first one. Mr Peters is very collector  friendly. In the third one, it was perfect for his grand slam. The second one however, was kind of negative regarding his stats in the majors but the cartoon was perfect......Sorry Ray

I cleaned it up and typed in the stats and captions and Voila !!

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