Friday, October 18, 2013

October 18, 2013 Dave Duncan, Bob Miller and Russ Heman

Three returns today...

Dave Duncan
made his major league debut at 18 years old in  1964 with the Kansas City Athletics. He caught for the A's until 1972 and then was traded to the Cleveland Indians for Ray Fosse. He finished up with the Baltimore
orioles in 1976. After retiring , he became a coach and has followed his former teammate, Tony laRussa, to the White Sox , A's and Cardinals.

Bob G Miller
In 1953 the Detroit Tigers signed two "bonus baby" free agents, one was Bob Miller and the other was Al Kaline. Because of the amount of the bonuses, they both had to stay on the major league roster for two years. He made his debut at 17 years old and stayed with the Tigers until 1959 when he was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds and then finished with another Bob Miller with the NY Mets in 1962.

Russ Heman
pitched for the Cleveland Indians and Los Angeles Angels in 1961, his only year in the big leagues. He started in 1952 with the White Sox organization and finished in the Braves system in 1963

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