Saturday, May 12, 2012

May 12, 2012

Received 4 returns today....

Al Santorini

Al pitched for the Padres and Cardinals in the 1970s. Mr Santorini emailed me a days earlier (I add my email address in my letters) and wrote that he loved the cards especially the one with the high leg kick. I'll be sending him copies of the cards plus an 8 x10 of the pitching pose. He also said he will be moving to NJ soon and gave he his new address.

Morrie Steevens

Yes I know I spelled his name wrong on my cards. Morrie pitched for the Phillies and Cubs in the 1960s

Fred Scherman

Mr Scherman pitched for the Tigers, Astros and Expos in the 1970s.

Danny Kravitz

Mr Kravitz caught for the Pirates from 1956 to mid1960 and finished the season with the Athletics in 1960. The Athletics traded him to the Cincinnati Reds so I made a Jersey City Reds card.

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