Saturday, May 26, 2012

May 26, 2012

Mailman came really early today, got 4 returns.

Wally Wolf

Wally Wolf pitched in 6 games with the California Angels in 1969-1970 with a 0-0 record. He pitched with the Astros, Reds and Angels farm systems in the 1960s. He sent me a really nice note which I'll post here.

Gene Leek

Gene played for the Indians in 1959 and the Los Angeles Angels 1961 and 62. After that he played in the minors until 1969.

Tom Tischinski

Tom started his career in the Reds organization and was drafted by the Twins in 1967. He made the majors   in 1969 and stayed with the Twins until 1971.

Ray Crone

Ray was a starting pitcher for the 1955-56 Milwaukee Braves.

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