Friday, May 4, 2012

May 5, 2012 Jackpot!!!! 9 Returns Today

Today I hit a mail day jackpot......9 returns and no bills !!!!!

Len Gabrielson

Len played in the 1960s with the Braves, Giants, Cubs and Dodgers. His father also played in the majors 1939 with the Phillies

Ray Semproch....

..pitched for the Phillies in 1958 and went 13-11. He then got traded to the Tigers, drafted by the Senators in 1960 and was sold to the Angels in 1961.


Gene Martin....

...played 10 years in the US minor leagues and only played 9 games in the majors with the 1968 Washington Senators. He then played five years in Japan

Gene Freese...

...played from 1955-1966 with the Pirates, White Sox, Reds and Astros. He had a brother, George, who also played big league ball.

Bob Chance

Bob came up to the Indians in 1964 and had a pretty good year , hitting 14 homers and 75 RBI. He then got traded to the Senators. All three photos used to make the cards were originally black and white and I colorized them. I had sent a fourth card card to Bob but he didn't sign it, saying it wasn't him. I wonder who it could be ??? I'll have to research......

                                      WHO AM I ????? 

                                                   5//08/2012     It's Curtis Moore

Roger Metzger

I grew up watching Roger Metzger play for the Astros in the 1970s, couldn't hit much but could field that ball.

Billy Bryan

Billy Bryan was a catcher for the Athletics and Yankees in the 1960s.

Alan Koch

When I first saw the name Alan Koch, I was like, who is he??  I looked up his record on Baseball and found that he pitched in the mid 1960s with the Tigers and Senators. I thought about it and I realized from having collected baseball cards all my life, that if a player didn't have a Topps card, they are mostly forgotten after they are retired. Other players that come to my mind in this situation are Tony Horton and Marshall Bridges.

Roy Sievers

I would like to nominate Roy Sievers to the TTM HOF. He, along with Virgil Trucks, Bobby Doerr among others are the most reliable signers out there. He also included another card.

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