Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14, 2012

Five returns today.....

John Thibdeau

Mr Thibdeau never played in the major leagues but did make an appearance in the 1969 Topps Baseball set on a Red Sox Rookies card with Joe Lahoud He spent his entire baseball in the Red Sox organization, 1963-1970. I found a Black and white photo of John and colorized it to make a 1970 card.

John Matias

Mr Matias played for the White Sox in 1970 as an outfielder. After 1973, he spent 5  years in the Mexican League until 1980

Fred Kendall

Fred was the regular Padres catcher  in the mid 1970s, His son is Jason Kendall, who caught for the Pirates.

Dave Rader

Dave caught for the SF Giants in the 1970s. Dave's wife wrote a nice note about my cards saying "That's so cool". Cool it is.

Bobby Pfeil

Bobby played third base for the 1969 Mets with Wayne Garrett. He was then traded to the Phillies in 1970.

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