Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012 Eight Returns

Monday always brings more returns than other days because of the weekend

Ron Cey

Ron Cey is probably the best third baseman the Dodgers have had since they moved to LA. He played from 1971-1982 and hit 228 home runs. He, along with Dave Lopes, Bill Russell and Steve Garvey played together throughout the 1970s.

Ernie Broglio

Ernie was a pretty solid pitcher for the Cardinals in the early 1960s and even won 21 games in 1960. Unfortunately he will be forever remembered as the guy who got traded for Lou Brock.

John O'Donoghue

John pitched 9 years in the big leagues from 1963 -1971 with five different teams. He led the American League in losses in 1965 with 18.

Jerry Walker

In 1959, Mr Walker was the youngest pitcher to ever start an All Star Game. That year he went 11-10 but he never had another year like that. After he retired , he has worked in the front offices of the Tigers and Cardinals.

Carmen Fanzone

Carmen was a backup infielder with the Red Sox and Cubs from 1970-1974. After he retired from baseball, he started a jazz music career as a horn player

Mike Compton

Mike played in 47 games for the 1970 Philadelphia Phillies but played in the Phillies organization from 1965 to 1973. After he retired he managed for the Phillies and Reds in the lower minor leagues. He included a 1977 TCMA card as a manager in Spartansburg.

Dave Hillman

Dave pitched from 1955 - 1962 mostly with the Chicago Cubs.

Paul Mitchell

Paul pitched with the Orioles, A's, Mariners and Brewers from 1975 -1980

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