Friday, September 21, 2012

September 21, 2012

After a few days of no returns, I got back five from a mailing I did last Saturday.........

Billy Cowan

This is a nice return. I had mailed to Billy Cowan back in May 2012. After a few months and I didn't get it back I was a bit worried as Mr Cowan is usually a quick and reliable signer. In early September I got an email from Mr Cowan's son saying that Billy had suffered a bad stroke and was recovering. Today I got my customs cards back and the signatures from Mr Cowan are very strong.

Best of health and full recovery to Billy Cowan  !!!

Claude Osteen

Claude Osteen was the third starting pitcher on the Dodgers after Koufax and Drysdale. He won 147 games for the Dodgers from 1965-1973

Mike Hegan

Mike was originally signed by the Yankees. He later played with the Seattle Pilots and made the 1969 American League All Star Team. His father was Jim Hegan, catcher for the 1950s Cleveland Indians and longtime Yankees coach.

Dave Goltz

Dave pitched for the Minnesota Twins from 1972-1979 and in 1977 tied for the AL lead in wins with 20.He later pitched for the LA Dodgers and California Angels.

Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson pitched with the Phillies, Cardinals, Royals and Indians from 1970-1973. The only images I had of him were from when he was in the Red Sox organization from 1965-1969. He asked for copies of the cards and wanted to know if I could put his stats on the back....should be no problem.

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